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Prime Beef Selections

Whether you're in the mood for the rich nuances of our fresh beef cuts or the smoky delight of our grilled masterpieces, each offering is a testament to Habib's unwavering dedication to Lebanese culinary artistry.

Fresh, Frozen, & Grilled Chickens

Whether you crave the raw authenticity of our fresh cuts, the convenience of our carefully preserved frozen selections, or the smoky allure of our grilled delicacies, each embodies Habib's dedication to Lebanese excellence.

The Grill Experience

From the smoky delicacy of our grills to the refreshing allure of our salads, the rich textures of our dips, the burst of flavors in our appetizers, to the heartiness of our quick meals—every dish invites you to relish Habib's deep-rooted love for authentic Lebanese feasting.

Prime Lamb Offerings

Whether you savor the deep flavors of our fresh lamb cuts or the aromatic essence of our grilled selections, each dish is a journey through Habib's cherished traditions of Lebanese culinary brilliance.

From Freezer to Feast

Discover a range of selections from our frozen meals for convenience, to our flavorful burgers & sausages, the purity of our raw meats, the curated butchery box, and the ready-to-grill sets for your perfect party – all echoing Habib's promise of Lebanese quality and taste.

The Story

Ya hala, ya hala w alf sahtein!
Inspired by the legendary Lebanese butcher and shepherd, Habib, our establishment encapsulates the very essence of his mastery and heartwarming hospitality. A craftsman unparalleled, Habib's traditional techniques ensured the pinnacle of meat quality. His unique ritual of parading a goat, crowned with a tarboush, through the village underscored his profound dedication to Lebanese heritage and the supreme standards he upheld. Today, nestled in Dubai, Meat Beirut stands as a beacon of this legacy, aiming not just to serve, but to immerse our patrons in the richness of Lebanese culture. The repeating of phrases like "Ya hala, ya hala w alf sahtein!" signifies Lebanon's deep-rooted emphasis on generosity and hospitality. Every morsel we offer celebrates life, love, and passion, crafted with unwavering commitment to quality and authenticity. At Meat Beirut, we aspire for more than just satiating hunger; we invite you to experience warmth, akin to a Lebanese home.

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